JTB group is striving to promote [cultural exchange project] as main project in order to create interaction of people in addition to original tourism and travel agent business.

We are working actively for “Food agriculture tourism” based on the world-view of the present situation of Japanese food and Japanese products have been attracting attention.

As part of this effort we have been organizing business meeting of Japanese Foods “Premium” Trade Fair especially in Asia in order to promote specialties of the region in Japan. This is 5th year of event and it will be held in Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand (1st time), Taiwan.

Japanese Foods “Premium” Trade Fair focuses on to let oversea buyer recognize and find premium products from Japanese supplier and aims the construction of export of commercial distribution.
Recently Japanese food productions are popular in Asian countries and it's getting established however there are many products that are still buried. We are waiting for you to explore possibilities of Japanese agriculture, forestry and fishery products and your participation on this occasion by all means.

Please read the application guideline and subscribe.