To adapt to changing times, the JTB Group is expanding beyond its present tourism and travel business, and developing "cultural exchange" as a core business for creating and promoting opportunities for people to come together and interact.

In particular, we have recently been rolling out initiatives in the food and agriculture tourism business, given the current worldwide interest in Japanese cuisine and Japan-made products.

As part of these efforts, we are working to publicize the specialty products of different regions of Japan, and have held a series of overseas exhibitions (focused on the Asia region) since 2014 under the name: Japanese Foods “Premium” Trade Fair.

This year, the 4th Japanese Foods “Premium” Trade Fair will be held at five regions, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore as well as Malaysia and Japan for the first time.

The Japanese Foods “Premium” Trade Fair in Taiwan looks to help buyers from Taiwan recognize and discover products from Japanese suppliers, with the aim of building new distribution channels for exports from Japan.

Today, Japanese products are popular in the various regions of Asia, and are becoming firmly established. However, there are still many products that have yet to gain the recognition that they deserve.

We hope you will participate in this fair, and take the opportunity to explore the new possibilities offered by agriculture, forestry and fisheries products from Japan.

Please look over the details provided in this document (Participation Invitation and Instructions), and then apply.